Bad Blogger!

Ok, so I still haven't really figured out this blogging thing. I find that I'm so busy reading everyone else's blogs, I haven't had time to do my own! My computer completely crashed, and I lost a lot of photos and files.....apparently my "back up drive" wasn't wasn't backing up what I thought it was. I'm just now starting to get everything working again.

I have done some projects, though not as many as I would like. My biggest problem is that my craftiness makes a big mess.....and if I put it all away, it's not easily accessible, so I don't play as much as I would like.....oh well....maybe my blog hopping will have a solution for dining room crafting!

Here's some of my projects over the last 2 months.

I made cupcakes for my daughter's communion with beautiful cupcake wrappers designed by the wonderful HeatherM at the craftedge forum. Unfortunately, I lost the photos of my daughters 1st communion....but I did get some from family and friends who had attended (but no one took pics of my cupcakes!!!)

Then I made a hand print quilt for my youngest daughter's wonderful pre-K teacher...she has taught both of my girls, and will be teaching kindergarten next year, so I wanted to make her something special. I think it turned out really well, except for the actual quilting part!

Then we went to a pirate party and I gave the birthday boy a gift card in a gift card holder designed by capadia designs, and converted a dingbat to make my pirate skull svg. I used freebooter script font for the lettering, and I thought it turned out pretty cute! I would post the skull svg file to share, but I don't know how to post it on here for sharing! If you'd like it, leave a comment with your email address and I will get it to you

Last but not least, I did a graduation JOYFOLD card for my niece. Her school colors were red and white. I love this card style! I made a little inside pocket to hold a check. I think it would have looked better with a computer generated sentiment, but I'm still learning how to do that. I'm also working on making a scut file so you can make 2 complete card bases from one 12 inch page. I'll let you know if it worked once I try to cut it.

Thanks for all of your inspiration, and I'll try to be a better blogger! Have a wonderful day!