Butterfly popup cards using SCAL

My youngest daughter has been invited to 2 birthday parties this weekend, and I decided to try out my cricut to make some cards. I found this wonderful butterfly popup card .cut file generously shared by Susan Blue Robot here. I was worried because this was a .cut file, and I only have the trial version of design studio. Apparently you can still cut some .cut files if the design uses the cartridge that came with your cricut. I only have the baby bug, which came with the George cartridge. If the cut file uses other cartridges, it won't cut that portion. (Which is another reason why SCAL is so can cut whatever you see without buying more cartridges!)

It's a little harder to find .cut files using only certain cartridges, but some designers will label their cut files with what cartridges were used.

Now I have to figure out what to work on next! This is so much fun!!


My 1st SVG cut on SCAL

Yay! I just recently pulled out my cricut baby bug that I had bought last year and used one time, because I couldn't figure out how to get it to cut properly. I did a google search and came across Sure Cuts a Lot or SCAL, which is a software program that lets you cut any installed font or dingbat, or SVG file. Seeing some of the projects that people have come up with has been awe inspiring. I've scoured the web, joined some forums/groups, and have finally been brave enough to actually start cutting!

I made a custom car decal of my daughters' school logo. First I scanned the logo and turned it into a JPG file. Then I used a free software program called inkscape and turned it into a SVG file. I opened the svg file in SCAL and VIOLA! A custom decal for my car (made from contact paper i might add.....)

There are so many amazing and generous people in the SCAL world. Thanks to all of you who guided me through tutorials and offered inspiration!


My first post! first post. Maybe. If I can figure out how to attach photos and links, and all this other blog related stuff. Who knew that my learning to "craft" would also lead to learning to become more tech savvy. I am not very computer literate, so this too, will be a challenge.
My first posted project is my Vera Bradley look-a-like quilted handbag that I sewed from a free pattern. I made my 2nd look a like quilted handbag last week, after I destroyed my 1st one. Always trying to "better" myself, I took an omega-3 fish oil capsule to work with me a few weeks back, leaving it in my purse to take it with my lunch. "What IS that smell?" I asked a few hours later, when I suddenly realized the fish oil capsule had burst inside my quilted purse. After multiple attempts at removing the foul odor (I actually ingest this?!?) I admitted defeat and threw it away.

My second attempt is definitely brighter, and was inspired by my oldest daughters' new favorite colors, pink and green. It's not too big, but big enough, and most importantly, doesn't STINK like a week old fish.....

It has external pockets which are great for holding my cellphone and keys, and a few inner pockets as well. The free sewing pattern for the vera bradley look-a-like handbag can be found at this link.